Social skills groups for children are a drop off class that are designed to engage school age children through play based social interactions, individual work and group games. Children attending will all receive 1:1 coaching, as well as taking part in circle time and also big/small group play experiences.

Skills that are focused on within the group are:

Friendships and relationships, play skills, language development, communicating 1:1 and working in groups, greetings (casual and formal), understanding what greetings are, sharing and coping both socially and emotionally when things don’t go your way and also managing and understanding emotions.

For each term there is a theme during 1:1 coaching e.g. Identifying emotions, body language, learning assertiveness, managing emotions etc, which is also again discussed with the children during a group setting. Furthermore to encourage language, as well as play and social skills development, specially designed activities are used with the aid of visual timetables, wall charts, age appropriate sensory and learning toys, colouring/worksheets, as well as songs and games. At the end of the term a report is given to parents along with recommendations for further area of development.