AutPlay was created by Dr. Robert Jason Grant and is a play and behavioural therapy approach to working with children and their families affected by autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, neurodevelopmental disabilities, dysregulation issues, as well as other developmental disabilities. It combines both play therapy interventions and behavioural therapy approaches to help children target and [...]

Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups for children are a drop off class that are designed to engage school age children through play based social interactions, individual work and group games. Children attending will all receive 1:1 coaching, as well as taking part in circle time and also big/small group play experiences. Skills that are focused on within [...]

1:1 Play Therapy

1:1 play therapy involves a child attending regular sessions with the play therapist. The play therapy tool kit is used with the child as they play out their feelings and process stressful or upsetting experiences. 1:1 play therapy is a very effective form of psychotherapy that works for a wide range of issues.

Therapeutic Groups for Siblings of Children with Special Needs

Therapeutic groups for siblings of children with special needs are groups that provide a double sided support system for siblings as they intersperse therapeutic activities, as well as discussion and recreational activities. As challenges can be a part of life with a sibling with special needs, therapeutic activities are used to alleviate any anxiety siblings [...]

Group Play Therapy

Group play therapy can be an effective way of groups of children addressing issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem, bereavement, Parental separation or divorce, relocation. Group play therapy addresses the issue of concern through individual therapeutic activities and group games or creative activities . Children in group therapy benefit from the overall support of their [...]